spiced pomegranate punch

adaptogenic chyawanprash rooibos latte (v)

pistachio rose matcha latte (df)

horchata mocha latte (v)

toasted coconut sleepy time milk

cranberry spritz

spiced beet tonic

tahini rose rooibos latte (v)

grape and fennel soda

watermelon cilantro limeade

rhubarb hibiscus iced tea

grapefruit, cucumber, and rose skin quencher

cinnamon rose horchata

cocoa tahini shake

maple bourbon hot chocolate

rosemary, honey, and grapefruit spritzer

pear ginger fizz

ginger apple spritzer

peach mango and sage lemonade

raspberry and fig hibiscus cooler

roasted cherry soda

juniper, lemon and ginger spritzer

blackberry sage soda



broccoli crunch salad with creamy cashew honey mustard dressing (gf)

charred zucchini with toasted pine nut relish, yogurt, and mint  (v, gf)

fall panzanella with roasted squash and creamy lemon pepper dressing

fig and candied pecan panzanella (v)

a simple avocado salad (v, gf)

quinoa salad with ramps, peas and herbs (v, gf)

soba noodle salad (v, gf)

roasted pumpkin and barley salad (v)

roasted squash salad with sesame crisps and creamy miso dressing (gf)

summer salad with roasted corn and chili (v, gf)

kohlrabi, cabbage and apple slaw (v, gf)

spring asparagus salad (v, gf)

spring panzanella

thai style grapefruit and radicchio salad (gf)

pea and mint salad (v, gf)

miso glazed carrot salad (gf)

spring fattoush salad

winter kale salad with ginger dressing (v, gf)



root vegetable mash with miso maple butter

butternut squash kitchari (gf)

heirloom tomato tart with cashew ricotta and zaatar

broccoli stem and nettle fettucine alfredo (v)

millet polenta with spring vegetables and greens (v)

curried black lentils with roasted cauliflower (v)

roasted squash with creamy miso garlic sauce and toasted almond “breadcrumbs” (v)

twice roasted maple harissa sweet potatoes (v)

corn and shiso fritters (gf, df)

miso rosemary beans on toast 

crispy broccoli and barley bowl (v)

roasted cauliflower with pine nuts, parsley and currants

purple sprouting broccoli with soy sauce and toasted almonds (v, gf)

braised purple cabbage (gf)

cauliflower kofta

cauliflower and kale gratin with caramelized onions and thyme (gf)

roasted mushrooms on toast

baked bean sliders (v)

toast with peaches, tahini and honey

collard wraps (v, gf)

chana palaak (v, gf)

lindsey’s chickpea pizza with asparagus and pea shoot tangle (v, gf)

fried cauliflower with roasted red chili (v, gf)

masala potatoes with tamarind sauce (v, gf)

mexican style parsnip fries (gf)

white bean burgers with fennel slaw

roasted pumpkin with tamarind and coriander chutney (v, gf)

baked sweet potatoes with charred corn and coconut lime cream (v, gf)

sweet and spicy eggplant wraps (v)

quinoa cauliflower and kale cakes (gf)

salmon burgers with lemongrass and ginger

birthday salmon



simple celeriac soup

immune boosting roasted cauliflower soup

curried pumpkin soup (v)

 beet and strawberry gazpacho (v)

carrot ginger soup (v)

nettle soup (v)

butternut squash soup with ginger and lemongrass (v)

white bean and fennel soup (v)

green gazpacho (v)

smoky chili with quinoa (v)

miso noodle soup with chanterelles, tofu and bok choy (gf)



epic savory breakfast bowl (gf)

gingerbread donuts (df, gf)

buckwheat crepes with bourbon vanilla plums (df, gf)

savory breakfast bowl (v, gf)

easy gluten-free waffles (v, gf)

date gingerbread

spiced apple and cranberry muffins

gingered strawberries

chocolate espresso waffles with caramelized bananas (gf)

coconut almond brioche french toast with hibiscus poached rhubarb (df)

baked eggs on toast

chocolate chip banana bread with coconut macadamia nut streusel (df)

chocolate pull apart bread with orange, dates and anise

skillet toast



perfect vegan chocolate chip cookies (v)

rhubarb yogurt pops (gf, df)

beet hibiscus rose cheesecake (gf, df)

chyawanprash pecan butter bites (gf)

coconut pineapple cake (gf, df)

chocolate olive oil torte with cardamom, pears and hazelnuts (gf, df)

pecan date and coconut slice and bake cookies

hormone balancing nut butter bark (v)

chocolate hazelnut soft serve (v, df, gf)

cantaloupe and cardamom granita (v, gf)

mango lassi pops (v, gf)

red berry almond blondies (gf)

almond coconut cookies (gf)

orange blossom water and honey sahleb (df, gf)

passionfruit, cacao juice and pineapple granita (v)

blueberry lemon cheesecake (df)

chocolate, raspberry, buckwheat muffins (df)

almond macaroons with satsuma marmalade (gf)

coffee chocolate tart with cardamom mascarpone (v, gf)

matcha marshmallows

chestnut and spiced pear hand pies

rice crispy bars (v, gf)

almond chia pudding with roasted grapes (gf, df)

cherry chestnut chocolate chip cookies (gf)

plum and rosemary cake (gf)

roasted peach sorbet (df)

peach and raspberry turnovers

cherry almond oat bars (v, gf)

creamy chai pops (v, gf)

strawberry lavender popsicles (v, gf)

vegan chocolate mousse (v, gf)

orange blossom water and poppy seed rhubarb cake (gf)

raspberry frozen yogurt (df)

creme fraiche ice cream with lilac and blueberries

chocolate donuts with matcha glaze (df)

peanut butter pie (v, gf)

lemon tahini cakes with lemon verbena glaze (df)

nutty oatmeal cookies

rosemary applesauce cake (df)

strong ginger snaps

honey roasted pears with quinoa nut crunch

grilled peaches with vanilla sour cream and orange whiskey caramel

toasted sesame and honey milkshake

blueberry balsamic compote (v, gf)

bourbon cherry milk bars with chocolate and cookie crumbs

perfect chocolate mousse (gf)



really good hummus (v, gf)

oatmeal cookie bites (gf)

green pea hummus (v)

trail bars (v, gf)


*df=dairy free    *v=vegan   *gf=gluten free