Woman Power Massage Oil

Made with over 80 herbs including ashwagandha, shatavari and turmeric, this oil rejuvenates and promotes relaxation and hormonal balance.

Untoasted Sesame Oil

Everyday oil for everything.

Daily Massage Oil

Herbal massage oil that balances all three doshas, strengthens the body and calms the mind.

Neelbringadi Hair Oil

Made using traditional formulas from ancient Ayurvedic texts. This oil is great for the hair and scalp and promotes mental clarity and deep sleep.

Mahanarayan Oil

Used for joint and muscle pain. Analgesic, promotes circulation and healthy synovial fluid, and reduces inflammation.

Clarifying Mask

Powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal clay based mask for clearing clogged pores, improving circulation and reducing inflammation. Contains manjistha, turmeric, sandalwood.

Nasya  Oil

Used to rehydrate the sinuses after neti and reduce congestion. Made with eucalyptus, rose and sandalwood essential oils.

Tongue Scraper

A key part of any Ayurvedic morning routine. Scraping the tongue kickstarts the metabolism, removes toxins and promotes healthy digestion.

Neti Pot

Use daily to cleanse the sinuses and prevent colds and congestion.

Skin Brush

Used to promote circulation and lymph flow. 100% linen.




Adaptogen widely used for it’s rejuvenative properties. Promotes strength and relaxation and builds ojas.


Female reproductive tonic and hormone balancer.


A combination of three fruits, amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki. Promotes healthy digestion and elimination.

Blood Cleanse

Promotes healthy blood and lymph flow. Great for skin.

Kapha Digest

A combination of three pungent herbs (black pepper, long pepper and ginger) that help decongest, enkindle digestion and metabolism.


Ayurvedic herbal jam. High in vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Great for Pitta digestive issues and as a rejuvenative.



Banyan Botanicals

Great source for Ayurvedic herbs, formulas and base oils as well as Ayurvedic info.

The Ayurvedic Institute

Resources, webinars, food charts, products etc.

Life Spa

Where Ayurveda and science meet. Articles, videos, products etc.

Dr. Claudia Welch

Online courses and articles specializing in women’s health.



Prakriti by Dr. Robert E. Svaboda

An introduction to Ayurveda and understanding your constitution from Dr. Robert E. Svaboda.

Ayurveda The Sciene of Self-Healing by Dr. Vasant Lad

An introduction to Ayurveda covering the basic philosophy and principles by Dr. Vasant Lad.

The Complete Guide to Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Dr. Vasant Lad

Encyclopedia of common ailments with recommendations for simple home remedies including herbal preparations, dietary guidelines and lifestyle tips.

Ayurvedic Medicine by Sebastian Pole

Comprehensive encyclopedia of Ayurvedic herbs, their properties, and actions.

Body Mind Sport by Dr. John Douillard

A guide to physical fitness and athletic training from an Ayurvedic perspective.



Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Retreat center and school offering 200-hr Foundations of Ayurveda courses as well as 650-hr comprehensive certification programs.

The Ayurvedic Institute

The leading Ayurvedic school in the country, founded by Dr. Vasant Lad. Offering seminars as well as Masters programs.