Green Pea Hummus from First We Eat

Happy Spring! I hope you’re all enjoying the warmer weather, the blossoms and buds, more time outside breathing fresh air, and all the green things. This Green Pea Hummus from my friend Eva’s new cookbook, First We Eat, epitomizes Spring and I’m excited to be sharing the recipe with you today. I first met Eva four years ago in Portland. I had just started Tending the Table and was eager for advice and mentorship. Being the kind and generous person that she is, Eva agreed to meet with me, no questions asked. I remember being amazed by her openness and encouragement. She wasn’t worried about competition; she just wanted to share her passion for food and photography with the world. Over the years Eva and I have become friends, bonding over our shared love of dogs, cooking from scratch, backyard chickens, homesteading and nature. Eva is bubbly, bright, strong and unstoppable. She’s an incredibly talented photographer and a thoughtful cook and her new book is exceptional. Organized by season, First We Eat, is packed with stunning photographs (seriously, jaw-droppingly, stunning), delicious recipes,  sustainable sourcing guides and gardening tips. Be sure to check it out and continue reading for some link love and the recipe for Eva’s Green Pea Hummus…

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Beet Hibiscus Rose Cheesecake

Hello there! I’m back after a week away and to celebrate I’m sharing the recipe for this Beet Hibiscus Rose Cheesecake with you. Why am I celebrating? Well, I took last week off to do my annual Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse and it was INTENSE. I’ve been doing this cleanse for years but this time around it was totally different. Maybe because my body really needed it or because I took a break from work and social media to really turn inward. Who knows, but it was physically and emotionally cathartic in a really profound way. I want to share more about my experience with you, but I haven’t quite processed it all. More soon. For now, I’ll just say that I feel like my body really worked through some stuff in a healthy and productive way. I’m spending this week rejuvenating and nourishing, which means lots of healthy fats, and soothing and grounding flavors. That’s where this cheesecake comes in. I used a base of soaked cashews and coconut milk and added Mountain Rose Herbs’ beet root powder for its rosy color and sweet, sweet flavor. Bright, tangy hibiscus flower powder and floral rose water balance out the earthiness of the beets. It’s creamy, rich and makes a perfect post-cleanse treat. Continue reading for the recipe…

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Epic Savory Breakfast Bowl

Hey friends! It’s been a little crazy around here with the puppy (he and Roux are currently running the length of the house, wrestling, smashing into tables and chairs, yelping and panting, squeaking all the squeaky toys, and just generally creating chaos) but I wanted to pop in real quick and share the recipe for this epic savory breakfast bowl with you. I first made this breakfast bowl a few weeks ago in the Methow. Then, I made it again at the blogger retreat in Palm Springs. It was such a big hit both times that I decided to share it with you here. It’s hearty and satisfying with brown rice, spinach, avocado, miso honey glazed carrots, turmeric fried eggs, cilantro, and a creamy maple cumin dressing. Basically, it’s my dream breakfast! I hope you love it as much as I do. Continue reading for the recipe…

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Palm Springs

I spent last weekend at a blogger retreat in sunny Palm Springs. The weekend was filled with poolside plant based ice cream parties, diy facials, early morning walks, homemade chickpea pasta, roasted sweet potato tacos, epic falafel bowls with magic sauce, watermelon cilantro limeade and hibiscus iced tea, savory breakfast bowls (recipe coming next week), hikes in Joshua Tree, yoga, and long talks about purpose, passion and how to make the world a better place. There were so many moments of pure joy, uncontrollable laughter, raw emotion, vulnerability, honesty, and love and I can’t help but feel amazed by the deep friendships that formed in just a few days. So much is possible when we create space for each other. Eva, Shelly, Trisha, Sarah, Renee, Lindsay, Carly, Kimberley, Sophie, and Lily, thank you from the bottom of my heart and see you next year! Continue reading for some photos from the weekend…

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Millet Polenta with Spring Vegetables and Greens from Simply Vibrant

I’m in Palm Springs for the weekend with some of my favorite blogger friends. We’ll be hiking in Joshua Tree, hanging by the pool, and of course cooking and eating. But, before I check out for the weekend I wanted to share the recipe for this Millet Polenta with Spring Vegetables and Greens from Anya Kassoff’s new book Simply Vibrant. This is the perfect recipe to welcome spring. It’s bright and lemony, a little nutty, and pairs perfectly with tender sweet peas and bitter greens. Enjoy! Continue reading

Horchata Mocha Latte

We all breathe. It’s what keeps us alive. In fact, we each take over 23,000 involuntary and unnoticed breaths every day. Intentional breath work (paying attention to and harnessing the breath) is a powerful tool that helps reduce stress, balance Vata, Pitta and Kpaha and improve mood and energy. Breath work is an important part of my morning routine and one of my favorite mindfulness and healing techniques. It can be as simple as focusing on the inhale and the exhale, noticing the rise and fall of the chest, breathing fully into the abdomen, diaphragm, side ribs and chest or listening to the soothing, rhythmic sound of each inhale and exhale. I typically do breath work after my yoga practice and before meditation but it can be done any time you feel like you need it. I like to start with three deep, mindful breaths then do a series of various breathing techniques, finishing with a cooling breath because this Pitta girl is always hot! I’ve listed three of my favorite breathing techniques below along with their effects on the doshas, benefits, and contraindications. You can choose the technique that feels right for you based on how you’re feeling in the moment or do all three in the order listed below. These practices take less than five minutes to do and can be done by almost anyone, anywhere. Keep in mind that these techniques are best learned in person from a qualified teacher. That said, I’ve included video links below to introduce you to the basics and get you started.

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