I’m back with another guide to quick and easy, no fuss preserving. This time we’re talking about preserving apples.


Fall is definitely in the air around here and the apple trees are sagging with fruit so aside from eating an apple a day with hazelnut butter and honey, I’ve been making applesauce. I always love having a jar or two of applesauce in the freezer for spooning over latkes, mixing up in waffles, eating with yogurt and granola, or, let’s admit it, just eating warm by the spoonful.

Applesauce is one of the easiest things to make. Simply quarter your apples (I prefer pink skinned varieties because they yield a pretty pink sauce), toss them in a big pot with a splash of water so they don’t stick and burn, cover, and cook over medium low heat until soft and mushy. Once cooked, press the apples through a food mill, discarding the seeds and skin. Transfer the sauce to small jars, leaving about an inch of room, and freeze. Thaw out overnight when ready to use.

A few other ideas for preserving apples: Slice them and dry them in a dehydrator, make apple juice or cider, or cook up apple pie filling and freeze it for making pie in a pinch. XOXO