Peach Mango and Sage Lemonade | TENDING the TABLE

Hey! I’m headed off to San Francisco in a few days for a sailing course, a sustainable foods conference and some hanging out. But, I wanted to share one last summer recipe with you before fall takes over completely. This lemonade is lightly sweetened with honey and infused with aromatic sage and tropical mango and peach. I added some coconut water too and think it’s pretty dang refreshing. I hope you like it. I’ll be back in a few weeks with some fall goodies for you and lots of exciting new information about the sustainable food movement. Don’t forget to follow my adventures on Instagram and Snapchat while I’m away.Peach Mango and Sage Lemonade | TENDING the TABLEPeach Mango and Sage Lemonade | TENDING the TABLEPeach Mango and Sage Lemonade | TENDING the TABLE

Peach Mango and Sage Lemonade 

Serves 4


Juice from 3 lemons

6 large sage leaves, plus extra to garnish

4 tablespoons raw honey

1 cup coconut water or water

1/2 mango, cubed

1/2 peach, sliced


Combine the lemon juice, sage, and honey in a cocktail shaker or jar and muddle until the sage leaves are bruised and fragrant and the honey has dissolved. Strain the mixture into another jar and discard the sage leaves. Add the coconut water or water, mango and peaches to the lemon mixture and stir to combine. Serve chilled over ice with a sprig of sage. This mocktail is even better the next day after the peaches and mango have had time to infuse into the lemonade.