I believe that our DAILY FOOD CHOICES are some of the most impactful choices we make when it comes to ETHICAL and SUSTAINABLE living. Our daily food choices shape our food system as a whole and determine the health of our communities and the environment.

My hope with this blog is to  inspire you to constantly question where your food comes from, how it’s grown, harvested, packaged, and sold, and to use your spending power to support a food system that is just, equitable, and sustainable for all.

In an effort to extend this mission, I’ve decided to DONATE 10% of my income from the blog to non-profits working to  reduce FOOD WASTE, promote EQUITY, advance SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE, and lobby for better agricultural POLICY.

See below for a list of donation recipients and feel free to contact me with any suggestions. Thank you for joining me and for supporting Tending the Table  and this work by supporting my sponsors.


Ecotrust: Food and Farms: $554

City Fruit: $201

Quivira Coalition: $300

Point Blue: $603

Food Chain Workers Alliance: $548

The Land Institute: $370

Kitchen Table Advisors: $370