Blackberry Sage Soda | TENDING the TABLEWE GOT A PUPPY!!! For years we’ve dreamed of having three dogs. One to cuddle with, one to take hunting, fishing, camping and hiking, and one…well, to keep the other two company I guess. I’m not really sure why we decided on three dogs, but it just seemed right. We got our first dog three years ago and despite her irrational fear of pretty much everything (Anders jokes that she gets it from me), we love her dearly. She is not, however, the hunting, fishing, camping dog of our dreams. She does LOVE hiking though. Well, last week, we brought home a little pup and are hoping he’ll be the fearless one we can go adventuring with. Meet Roux. He’s a great little dude; curious, playful, easy going, and sweet. Like all puppies however, he likes to put things (and I mean anything) in his mouth and hasn’t quite mastered the art of bladder control. So, we’ve been on duty almost 24/7 for the past week, following him around to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble and waking up at 5:30 to let him out each morning. But, it’s all worth it because he’s so darn cute. Like when he rolls on his back and kicks his legs furiously in the air or when he runs into things or when he snores…I promise to post more puppy photos soon.

So, in between play time, training, potty breaks, and cleaning up accidents I haven’t had much time to cook. Plus it’s been too hot. As a result I’ve found myself eating tons of salad and popcorn and playing around with homemade sodas and aguas frescas. This one is my new favorite:Blackberry Sage Soda | TENDING the TABLEBLACKBERRY SAGE SODA

Inspired by With Food and Love


2 cups fresh blackberries

6 sprigs fresh sage

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

soda water

fresh lemon juice


TO MAKE THE SYRUP (Makes about 1 cup)

Combine the blackberries, sage and sugar in a medium pot and macerate with a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon until well mashed and fragrant. Add the water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Cook stirring frequently until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Strain out the blackberry pulp and sage leaves. Store the syrup in a jar in the fridge until ready to use.


Pour 1oz.  of the blackberry sage syrup into a glass, top with 6 oz. soda water and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Enjoy!