I spent last week touring farms in the Methow Valley for the Methow Conservancy’s Methow Grown campaign. The project is designed to raise awareness about Methow Valley farmers and their work, to help build community and collaboration between farms, and to advance marketing strategies and explore streamlining distribution. It was an honor to be a part of such a meaningful and impactful project and a pleasure to get to know these farmers, hear their stories, learn about their values and their goals, and develop a deep appreciation for the work they do to nourish us and the land. Each one of them has a unique approach to farming integrating their personal philosophies, innovative techniques, and sustainable practices. Despite their differences, they all share a deep love of the land and a deep desire to serve their communities and the world. I hope these photos inspire you to get to know your local farmers and to support them in their work. Scroll down for a list of the farms I visited and be sure to check out the Methow Grown website for virtual farm tours and more info on where to find their products…

Methow Valley Farm Tour:

Sunny Pine Farm

The King’s Garden

Ancestree Herbals

Willow Brook Farm

Ruby Slippers Farm

Twisp River Seeds

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