Baked Sweet Potatoes with Charred Corn and Coconut Lime Cream | TENDING the TABLEI just got back from a week of vacation and suddenly it’s fall. There is a crispness in the air and the leaves are starting their journey from green to yellow to brown. We’re unpacking our sweaters and boots, sleeping in a little longer, and making more soups than salads.  As the weather begins to change I’m reminded how important it is to eat with the seasons and for my body type. Over the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with some new health issues. Mostly I’ve been feeling weak and dizzy almost every day. Not fun! As disconcerting as it is to feel that the world is spinning and swaying around you, I’m always grateful for the reminder to slow down and listen to my body.Baked Sweet Potatoes with Charred Corn and Coconut Lime Cream | TENDING the TABLEBaked Sweet Potatoes with Charred Corn and Coconut Lime Cream | TENDING the TABLEI started studying Ayurveda five years ago and quickly became enamored with the ancient theories and practices designed to maintain balance and bring about optimal health and well-being. I love that Ayurveda accounts for each individual and their unique physical, emotional and mental make-up. I love that once you understand the basics of Ayurveda, you have tools that can serve you throughout the changing seasons and phases of life. And I love how much of Ayurveda focuses on diet. So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been favoring the foods that balance me and make me feel whole. For me this means eating warm, cooked foods that are nourishing, comforting and grounding. These baked sweet potatoes with smoky, sweet, charred corn and bright, coconut lime cream are just that. They’re my version of the classic baked potato and are the perfect thing to bridge the gap between summer and fall.

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Charred Corn and Coconut Lime Cream | TENDING the TABLE*A huge thank you to Chi of Life for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


Serves 4


4 medium sweet potatoes

2 ears corn

1 can coconut milk, refrigerated overnight

juice from 1 lime

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup toasted pumpkin seeds, chopped

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

flaky salt to garnish


Preheat the oven to 500 degrees. Cut the sweet potatoes in half lengthwise and place in a rimmed baking sheet with one inch of water. Cover with foil and bake for 30-40 minutes or until soft throughout.

While the sweet potatoes are baking cut the corn from the cob. Heat a skillet over high heat and once hot add the corn. Cook the corn, stirring occasionally, until charred. Set aside.

Open the can of coconut milk and scoop the coconut cream from the top into a bowl. Set aside the remaining liquid in the can for another use. Add the lime juice and salt to the bowl with the coconut cream and whisk until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

When ready to serve top each sweet potato half with some of the coconut cream, the charred corn, pumpkin seeds, cilantro and flaky salt.