It’s that time again. There are few things I enjoy more than giving gifts. I love carefully choosing just the right thing, I love spending time making homemade goodies. I love wrapping and packaging and writing cards. But what I love most is showing those around me how much they mean to me. I got my holiday shopping done early this year and have spent the past week bundling everything up into pretty little packages to be mailed and dropped off on doorsteps. But, if you’re still searching for something special I’ve got you covered. I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite makers and goods. Many of these items are hand made here in the Pacific Northwest and almost all are sustainable in some way. I’ve also included a list of recommended non-profits to donate to in someone’s name if you don’t feel like buying things. I think we may actually go that route next year. Anyways, happy gifting!


Holiday Gift Guide | TENDING the TABLE

  1. The Third Plate by Dan Barber: Dan Barber, owner of the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, discusses how to bring a healthy and sustainable food system into existence through agricultural research, innovative sustainable farming and a new restaurant culture.
  2. Vitrified Studios: These tall ceramic cups, handmade in Portland, OR, are perfect for your morning tea.
  3. Nershi Woodworks: This father and son woodworking duo make stunning wood products for the home and kitchen. They are a small, family business and all their product photography is done by the lovely Carey Nershi of Reclaiming Provincial.
  4. Laguiole Table Knives.
  5. Portland Apron Co.: I love these pinafore aprons, handmade from organic linen in Portland, OR. They look so good you can even wear them out and about…
  6. Girl Meets Dirt: Small batch jams and preserves using heritage fruit from centuries old orchards on Orcas Island. Try the plum, anise and hyssop!
  7. Gjelina: I’m currently obsessed with this cookbook. The styling and photos are stunning and the book is packed with inventive vegetable centric dishes!
  8. Root: Art in the Age has made a root tea, modeled after ones made in the 1700’s. It’s made with organic birch, sassafras, citrus and festive digestive spices.
  9. Staub Graphite Cocotte.
  10. Ballard Bee Co.: Ballard Bee Company has hives all throughout Seattle, on rooftops and in people’s backyards. Hooray for pollinators that help our fruits and veggies grow!
  11. The Modern Proper: Linen napkins in a variety of soft colors, handmade in Vancouver by the lovely ladies behind The Modern Proper.


Holiday Gift Guide | TENDING the TABLE

  1. Block Shop Textiles: Designed in LA and printed and dyed  in India using traditional hand block printing methods and natural dyes.
  2. No. 6 Clogs: Handmade to order in the U.S. Minimal, classic and comfortable.
  3. Abacus Row: Handmade jewelry from L.A. Gold beads on a silk cord are elegant yet simple enough for every day wear.
  4. Satsukishibuya: Ephemeral, abstract watercolor paintings evocative of nature and emotion.
  5. LVNEA Solid Perfume: This perfume  made from three simple organic ingredients smells like the forest in winter!


  1. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary: A haven for rescued livestock animals.
  2. City Fruit: Providing fruit tree care and gleaning in Seattle to ensure less waste.
  3. Eco-Trust | The REDD: A food hub to foster a new, sustainable food economy in the Portland area.
  4. Farm Forward: Lobbying and educating to end harmful livestock production.
  5. Seafood Watch: Helping people make more sustainable choices around seafood.