It’s a busy, bustling world out there, especially this time of year. So busy in fact that it makes me want to pack a bag and escape to a quiet cabin in the woods. I have to practice patience for another few weeks before that wish comes true. In the meantime I’ve compiled a holiday gift guide featuring carefully selected, ethically responsible items to help you escape the bustle and do your holiday shopping with grace, ease, and style.

gift guide (1)


1. Fog Linen navy seersucker kitchen cloths. Sigh. /// 2. Sagittario extra virgin olive oil. Hand harvested, cold pressed, vibrant. /// 3. Not Without Salt chocolate chip cookie mix. The perfect chocolate chip cookie with a rich vanilla flavor, quality dark chocolate,  and lovely packaging. /// 4. Jacobsen salt. Locally harvested on the Oregon coast, flaky, and you guessed it, salty. /// 5. A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus.  My new favorite cookbook, full of beautiful photographs and unpretentious but enlivening recipes. Try the roasted carrots and fennel with harissa and yogurt. /// 6. Hand forged blue steel french skillet. These pans may give your favorite cast iron a run for its money. Made in Seattle. /// 7. Waxed canvas tote. The sexiest grocery bag around with an inside  pocket, leather handles, and water repellent waxed canvas.