It’s that time again…The 2018 Tending the Table holiday give/gift guide is here! Continue reading for a guide to some of my favorite non-profits, experiences, and sustainable products.


For the past several years, Anders and I have been making donations in honor of our friends and family for the holidays instead of giving material gifts. If you can, I encourage you to do the same. It’s a great way to reduce waste and support the causes that matter to you and your loved ones. This list includes some of my favorite non-profits working to promote sustainable agriculture by reducing food waste, supporting worker’s rights, shaping food policy, and teaching the next generation to grow healthy, nutritious food. This year I’m also hosting an influencer campaign to encourage donations in lieu of material gifts. Be sure to check out the hashtag #giftforgood on Instagram next week for more giving inspiration.

  1. Urban Gleaners: Working to reduce food waste and end hunger in Oregon.
  2. Food Chain Workers Alliance: Working to build a more sustainable food system that respects workers’ rights, based on the principles of social, environmental and racial justice.
  3. World Wildlife Fund: Building sustainable food systems by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and shifting consumer patterns.
  4. Food Corps: Connecting kids to healthy food in school through hands on learning, healthier school meals, and a culture of health.
  5. Ecotrust: Building a world where people and nature thrive together through school food programs, skills training for farmers and producers, and an innovative food hub.


Giving experiences is another great way to reduce waste. Plus, research shows that experiential gift giving fosters stronger relationships by stimulating conversation, facilitating interaction, and eliciting shared emotional experiences. And who really needs more stuff anyways!?

  1. Sunday New York Times Subscription: Our favorite way to spend a leisurely Sunday is with the New York Times and cup of tea.
  2. Imperfect Produce Subscription: Give the gift of an organic produce delivery service and fight food waste at the same time!
  3. Stone Leaf Teahouse Tea Club Subscription: Who doesn’t love tea? Our friend John runs  a small teahouse in Vermont and sources some of the best tea I’ve had. Give the gift of tea with a subscription to the tea club. The recipient will receive a new seasonally appropriate tea every month along with sourcing information and tasting notes.
  4. Ayurvedic Consultation: Give the gift of an Ayurvedic consultation. Consultations last one hour, are available in person or via skype, and include personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  5. Life Changing Loaf of Bread Subscription: Get all the ingredients for Sarah’s life changing bread delivered monthly. Just add water and oil and bake.


If you do choose to buy material gifts for your loved ones, consider supporting small businesses and makers. I personally own all of the products listed below and use them daily. They’re some of my favorites and are all ethically and/or sustainably made.

  1. Ground Up Oregon Hazelnut Butter: Ground Up makes delicious nut butters that are refined sugar and palm oil free. Plus, they provide job training for women overcoming adversity in the Portland area! Use code “TENDINGTHETABLE” for 15% off your order. The hazelnut, snickerdoodle, and salted eggnog are my favorite flavors.
  2. Miha Made Palm Tote: Ethically sourced bags from independent designers and artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. This is my favorite purse for everyday use.
  3. Six Seasons Cookbook: My favorite cookbook, period.
  4. Hydroflask Insulated Coffee Flask (20 oz.): This is my everyday water bottle and coffee cup. It lives in my purse so I always have it for when I’m out and about. It’s leak proof, great for traveling, and keeps drinks wicked hot.
  5. Woodlot Flora Candle: I’m not usually a big scented candle person but someone recently gifted me one of these and I LOVE it. It’s made with all natural essential oils and smells divine.
  6. May Lindstrom Honey Mud: This luxurious face mask is my go to. It’s made with honey, bee pollen and propolis, clay, colloidal silver to fight bacteria, and ylang ylang, vanilla, and frankincense. Yes, it’s expensive, but a little goes a long way!
  7. Harbor Herbalist Strength Tea: Made in small batches with organic herbs from a family farm in Port Orchard, WA, Harbor Herbalist makes some of my favorite teas. This blend is so beautiful and perfect for calming the nervous system, boosting iron levels, and toning the reproductive system.
  8. Laurel Elixir: My go to facial toner. Made with chamomile, orange blossom water, rose geranium, and echinacea to soothe and balance the skin’s microflora.
  9. Fog Linen Bath Mit: Scrubadubdub! Perfect for exfoliating without aggravating the nervous system.
  10. Colleen Hennessy Bowl: Colleen Hennessy makes some of my favorite ceramics. Made by hand and one of a kind. Minimal, beautiful, and functional.

Happy gifting and happy holidays!