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Hi friends! I spent last week in VT and wanted to share some photos from our time there with you along with some links to some of our favorite things to do and eat. I’ll be back next week with a vibrant summer recipe for you.

  1. This is our new favorite swimming hole. There are plenty of flat rocks to lounge on/jump off of and three deep pools for swimming.
  2. These maple creemees put the rest to shame. Sooo good! P.S. The small is not small.
  3. There are creative and sustainable food businesses all over Vermont. I was excited to learn about a few new ones during our visit including this delicious solar powered, naturally leavened bread, these stone ground corn tortillas made by a college friend and this local sunflower oil.
  4. This bakery was started by another college friend and has become wildly popular. They’re transitioning to dinner and I can’t wait to visit next time we’re in town.
  5. We always enjoy grabbing wood fired pizza at this family run place when they’re open. It’s all outdoor seating and BYO. On summer evenings families come with kids and picnic blankets to enjoy good food and the sunset. Pick up some english muffins to go.
  6. This is still my favorite grocery store/community gathering place ever. Anders usually visits with old friends while I shop.
  7. We hiked some of our favorite trails and enjoyed some impromptu swimming and some great views.

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With gratitude, Sasha



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