Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie | TENDING the TABLEWe spent a few days camping, hiking, swimming and exploring Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest last week.  After driving around to several trailheads only to find them all completely packed, on a Tuesday no less, we ended up on a casual trail run along Quartz Creek. Later, we set up camp along a spectacular stretch of river while the dog slept curled up in the bushes. She will dig out a little nest for herself and get as far under the tree or bush as possible. Like this. Early the next morning we packed our daypack and hiked up to Blanca Lake for breakfast. Making toast in a skillet is my new favorite thing and soft scrambled eggs with greens taste even better with this view. Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie || TENDING the TABLEMt. Baker-Snoqualmie  | TENDING the TABLEOn the way down from the lake we picked up three cigarette butts, three plastic water bottles, a t-shirt, one pair of socks, five candy wrappers, two plastic bags and one tennis ball. Seriously, who does this!? We spent the afternoon lounging by the river, reading and eating peanut butter from the jar. We’ve got a few hikes picked out for next time and the perfect hiking buddy too. Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie | TENDING the TABLE

Here are some fun links for you this week:

1. This woman inspires me to get outside more. Also her dogs are cute!

2. I’m a bit obsessed with stone fruit right now and love all these recipe ideas using cherries.

3. Watch this movie!

4. New photography inspiration.

5. Anders promised me a picnic-mobile kind of like this for our ten year anniversary. Can’t wait!