_DSC4295-2I just finished up a collaboration with Manos Zapotecas on a Oaxacan style holiday menu. It was a whirlwind and for two days we bustled around the kitchen cooking up a storm and racing against the sun.

_DSC4352-2Here’s the first recipe from the menu: a smoky paloma made with mezcal, Cocchi Americano and plenty of fresh citrus. I know, you’re thinking that a paloma is more appropriate for the hot, summer months. I assure you, the smokiness imparted by the mezcal makes this cocktail more complex, a bit moody and perfect for a festive holiday occasion.

_DSC4324-2_DSC4003-2_DSC4311-2You can see more photos from the shoot here and stay tuned for more recipes from the menu including peanuts with chile and garlic, jicama salad with chile and lime, charred corn with queso fresco and chile, sopa azteca, and leche quemada ice cream + pomegranate graniza.


From Food and Wine

Serves 2


2 ounces mezcal

1 tablespoon honey

3 ounces Cocchi Americano

2 ounces fresh grapefruit juice

1 ounce fresh lime juice

pinch of salt

3 ounces seltzer 


Combine the mezcal and honey in a cocktail shaker and stir until the honey dissolves.

Add the Cocchi, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and salt as well as a few ice cubes and shake well.

Fill two small glasses with ice and add 1 ½ ounces seltzer to each. Strain the cocktail into the iced seltzer and serve.